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Most mattress companies force you to conform to their mattress instead of making a mattress that conforms to you.  The Pillow Cube Mattress is different. It's an amazing mattress in any position, but it's the first mattress designed to work for those of us who sleep on our side.  

In order to stay comfortable all night long you need to keep your spine alignedAny mattress can be comfortable if you lay flat on your back. But most of us change positions while we sleep. We roll from our side to our back and everywhere in between. 

The pocketed springs in the base of the mattress are zoned to give you more support under your hips where you need it most, and to be softer at the top so your shoulder can sink in when your on your side. (why hasn't anyone thought of this before?)

On top of those perfect springs we stacked layers of breathable memory foam to give you the perfect amount of cushion for the pushin! 😉

If you currently wake up tired, in pain, with a headache, kink neck or a little sluggish then the side sleeper mattress is perfect for you. 

 Secret Pre Launch Bundle Includes:

  • 1 - Side Sleeper Mattress
  • 1 - Mattress Protector - FREE
  • 1 - ZipFit Sheets - FREE
  • 2 - Pillows - FREE
  • 2 - Pillowcases - FREE
  • 1 - Comforter - FREE



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Eliminate side sleeper pain

Soft Shoulder Zone

Shoulders are lower and uncomfortable to sleep on. So we made a pillowy soft layer.

Hip Support Zone

Hips are higher and heavier. So we made a layer with plenty of hip support.

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Align your spine with zones

We zone our mattresses because your shoulders are on a whole different level than your hips.

Lower Shoulder Level

If your shoulder is squished under your body you’re in pain. We fixed that!

Higher Hip Level

If your hip isn’t properly supported your spine isn’t aligned. We fixed that too!

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Take a peek beneath the covers

Why should I get a Pillow Cube Mattress?

Fall Asleep Faster

With our Plush Cube Cover and Breathable Bounce Back layer you’ll be instantly cool and comfortable in any position.

Stay Asleep Longer

Align your spine and enjoy a long, pain-free night’s rest with our Premium Pillow Soft and Firm Foam Foundation layers.

Wake Up Happier

Our Spine Align Zoned Support Coils will ensure you wake up well rested with your shoulder cradled in comfort and your hip fully supported.

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The critics are loving Pillow Cube!

We’re changing minds one sleepy head at a time.

We’ve been featured in:




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Pillow Cube has the best and most comfortable sleep products for side sleepers on the market


You’ve got Q’s. We’ve got A’s.

What if I don’t sleep on my side?
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The “hip-zone” in the middle of our mattresses will actually provide great support for any sleeping position. But you may just love our mattress so much that you convert to the light-side of the force and start sleeping on your side ;)

Do you have a payment plan?
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We currently offer payment plans through Klarna. You can make payments over 4, 12, 18, or 24 months.

What is your return and exchange policy?
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We offer a 100 Night Risk-Free Trial so you can be sure the mattress is juuust right for you. Click here if you’d like to read more about it.

Do you have a warranty?
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Yep. It’s pretty awesome too. Your Pillow Cube mattress is backed by an industry leading 25-year warranty. Click here if you’d like to read the legal jargon.

What are the dimensions of the Side Sleeper Mattress?
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King 76”x80”x12”,
Queen 60”x80”x12”,
Twin XL 38”x80”x12”

What is the Pillow Cube mattress made from?
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Your next mattress is made from a mix of materials from memory foam to zoned springs for perfect side sleeper support.

Where do you ship?
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We currently ship within the United States.

How much is shipping?
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Free.99 baby. Really though, shipping is free.


You’ve got Q’s. We’ve got A’s.

How do I know which size to order?
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Take our SIZING QUIZ to find the perfect fit for you! If you need further assistance, reach out to our support specialists at

“What if I sleep on my back?”
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While the Pillow Cube was specifically designed for side sleepers, we have heard from some side/back sleepers that they enjoy the pillow too! But all in all, the pillow is intended for side sleepers.

Where do you ship to?
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We currently ship within the United States.

What is in the foam?
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Our high-quality foam is made of breathable, viscoelastic polyurethane.

What is the pillowcase made from?
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The pillowcase is made out of polyester and spandex.

What is the cover made from?
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Our quilted cover is made from polyester.

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