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Meet Jay

(and his family)

Jay was tired of unsatisfying side sleep. He would have to bunch up, fold, and stack pillows just to get the neck support he needed. Having infected his children with side sleeping genes, Jay was determined to find the solution for all side sleepers.

Jay’s search led him to

Ancient Side Sleepers

Jay traveled the world* to find the perfect side sleeping solution. Egyptian pharaohs used a head-rest to give themselves that perfect 90° angle. Ancient Japanese side sleepers used a wooden box.

He loved the stability and support these early models gave him, but didn’t like pulling splinters out of his neck. He decided to create something supportive, yet soft.

*world wide web (he went on wikipedia).

After dozens of iterations

A New Cube Was Born

It Solved The Sleeper Problem:

Pillow Cube gave side sleepers support they had never known. Filling their Pillow-Hole, the space between their shoulder and head, they could feel the comfort reserved for pharaohs.

Pillow Cube is made from our 60° Memory Foam Core, with a breathably soft cover, and a silky smooth case, it’s a lot better than a block of wood.

Made From The Highest Quality Materials:

60° Memory Foam Core

Our nano carbon core is made with fibers that retain your cube’s shape for years to come.

Breathably Soft Cover

Allows air to flow through to keep it from overheating.

Silky Smooth Case

While it may not actually be silk (coming soon) the pillow case feels soft to the touch.

So Jay launched a Kickstarter

Yeah, It Kinda Went Viral

With a video casted by friends, family, the mailman, & anyone who happen to be in the area at the time of filming, Jay pitched his idea for the solution to side sleeping: The Pillow Cube Classic. Then he did it again with a bigger Queen sized pillow.

It went viral, again! With two successful kickstarters underway it was obvious there was a problem that only the Pillow Cube could solve. Orders came flooding in.

Jay needed more help

Meet The Cubists

Jay Davis

CEO & Founder

Damian Dayton

Chief Creative Officer

Joey Nanto

Chief Operations Officer

Clark Bigler

Chief Financial Officer

Josh Fowlke

Chief Design Officer

Steve Burton

Director of Customer Experience and Retail

Logan Kimzey

Director of Supply Chain

Jenn Gardner

Customer Support Manager

Ammon Story

Project Manager - Product Development

Hannah Jones

Social Media Manager

Brandon Barney

Senior Product Designer

Tyler Nanto

Product Supply Chain

So what did the customers think?

They lost their minds!


09 Mar 2021

Decided to try out the pillow cube (don’t tell ME viral marketing doesn’t work) and I have to say I’m impressed. Haven’t slept fully on it yet but I’m expecting a good night sleep tonight


13 Nov 2020

If you’ve been sleep deprived since the Election, you’re in good company. The bags under my eyes are now designer. I’m a side sleeper and I always have been. Every night, I surround myself with pillows hoping I’ll wake up without neck pain. I’ve never been able to find a pillow that supports my neck, helps me fall asleep, and avoid nightmares about Mitch McConnell....


28 May 2020

‪Road trips be like... S/o @pillowcube! Love it!!


03 Nov 2020

Best pillow you can buy. Anyone with back or neck issues this is your pillow. Goodnight! #imwithcube #pillowcubepro


21 Dec 2020

Not long ago I got a pillow cube for my husband as his birthday gift (perfect gift for side sleeper by the way 😆), however this little cute cubed pillow was too comfortable, and I kept stealing the pillow from him for napping. 😂 Long story short, my husband decided to get me one for Christmas. Check out this cute pillow. ❤️ @pillowcube


15 Feb 2021

How many of you guys own a @pillowcube? 🙋🏻‍♀️Trev and I are up to 3 (and counting) we are OBSESSED!! If you are a side sleeper, and have neck/back pain.. this is the pillow for you.. and if you are not a side sleeper..


17 Feb 2021


1 Feb 2021

Evidently I’m not the only one who loves my @pillowcube


19 Jan 2021

I’m not kidding I actually have two different sizes, and I got my father one too. He says it’s helping his torn rotator cuff. Thanks! 🙏❤️ 😴

What’s next for Jay & Pillow Cube?


Jay’s helped side sleepers finally get the support they deserve, but he’s not done innovating. After Pillow Cube, came Pillow Cube Pro, for side sleepers who roll at night. He then went onto make Pillow Cubs (available for sale soon) for smaller side sleepers who like to play with their pillow. Jay won’t stop creating and innovating until every side sleeper can get a better night’s sleep.

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